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Intuition is a sixth sense that is inherent in everyone. Developing your intuition can help build your self-confidence and save you from years of bad choices.

Tyger Kahn's recently published book, Intuition: Language of the Souloffers Kabbalistic insight into the world of clairvoyance and self discovery, guiding you into the path of finding your purpose in life, and developing a greater relationship with your soul. In this book, Tyger shares her inspiring story of 13 years of training with a Grand master and Tibetan monks in eastern meditation techniques, to her subsequent near death experience and return to Judaism.


This book will guide you through the mysteries on the world of the unseen: auras, clairvoyance, reincarnation, dream interpretations, the power of the Psalms and much more.

Tyger Kahn book, Intuiton language of the soul

Tyger Kahn has written a wonderful book that the world needs to read. Her soul-filling anecdotes leave you with both questions and answers.


Founder and CEO, Atom Factory

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Patterns - Intuition: Language of the Soul
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Dreams - Intuition: Language of the Soul
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Auras - Intuition: Language of the Soul
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