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Straight Talk From A Psychic

It was one tough January. Flu epidemics, earthquakes, bizarre and extreme weather, food shortages in countries (it’s not just a third-world problem), difficulty getting access to healthcare, and on and on. Every household has been affected in some way.

We can no longer ignore why we are here. This is the first time in history that we have so much free time to spend on frivolous activities. Or been so busy filling up our schedules to evade time, that we don't stop and think about where we are going. Ten thousand friends on Facebook? How many of those buddies will bring you soup when you are sick? Or take you to urgent care? Calling your sick neighbor to check on them is nice, but are you prepared to help them if they ask?

On the other hand, running one's self ragged is the new status quo. Does your child really need to go to three parties on a weekend (sometimes one after the other)? Our bodies are suffering, and independant thought and creativity are diminished.

In order to thrive, every being needs time to think, to dream, to rest, and to be still. Our nervous systems will calm down and get stronger. Stronger not just physically, but also perceptibly, which will have a ripple effect on humanity. Take the butterfly for example, how can a small, fragile insect hold such an enormous impact on climate change? I believe a hint comes from its eighteen different photoreceptors (in itself a special number) which enable it to see reality greater than a human, who possesses only three.

Today is the Jewish holiday of Tu BiShvat - the new year of trees and the time their souls awaken from winter. Kabbalah tells us this coincides with mercy returning to sweeten the severity of the previous month. The light is returning. Connect to it and share with others. There is no "I" in the word team. We all have something meaningful to give.

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