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Life Guidance Sessions

"He who disciplines himself with truth will also dream truth and will know the world as do the angels" - Chazal

Earlier this week I received good news from my lab tests that I'm still cancer free after eight years! Afterwards, I trekked to Tiger Mountain (yes, I get the irony!) and got this photo taken to savor the moment. It's been a fierce battle even after beating cancer but my intentions are to make the most of my time here while helping others to do the same.

Many of us get stuck on an idea of how our lives should look, becoming bitter when it's far from the picture we wanted.This frustration leads to depression and many other problems, driving us further away from manifesting our true potential.

Conversely, we spend our time in meaningless pursuits in hopes of distracting ourselves from feeling empty.

I decided to create a new series of services called Life Guidance to help uncover your unique fingerprint to fulfill your purpose. The series is broken down into three (3) sessions over the course of up to four (4) months. During our time we will peel back the layers and uncover your talents to develop a strategy to use them effectively.

And don't take my word for it. Take a peek below at some recent client reviews who have benefited from a Life Guidance session.

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"After one session with Tyger, I found clarity on a very chaotic issue I was experiencing in my life. The relief I felt was instant and significant. She gives truthful answers to difficult questions and delivers the information in exactly the voice each individual client needs to hear. As a talent manager, I am extremely protective of my clients. In Tyger I have found not only a spiritual healer for myself, but someone I can trust to help guide my clients in areas of their lives I am not equipped to. If you are in need of answers, guidance, healing, or strength there is no one I would recommend more wholeheartedly than Tyger Kahn. Read her book and share it with those you love."

— Triana Lavey, Talent Manager, Lavey Management

"I was feeling so incredibly lost and unhappy until I spoke to Tyger Kahn personally. She's such an amazing soul and gave me so much clarity and peace of mind."

— Nazanin Kavari, YouTube Beauty/Fashion Vlogger

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