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What People are Saying

Prior to working with Tyger, I was skeptical of Clairvoyants. My skepticism was put to rest when Tyger made an accurate prediction - down to the day - for my 31st and a half birthday. I have engaged in Tyger Kahn's services over the past three years and she has proven to be accurate and insightful. I highly recommend Tyger not only as a Clairvoyant but as an exceptional life coach as well.

Cole W., Senior Mortgage Broker, Palo Alto, CA

I met Tyger four years ago after the birth of my seventh child. I was immediately struck by her deep intuition and kindness. She was able to reassure me on a number of concerns and what she said did come to fruition. Most important, though, is her upbeat and confident personality. Tyger has genuine concern for the events and people around her. She believes in prayer and turning to G-d on a daily basis for strength and a positive outlook...Anyone who has Tyger in their life will only benefit.

— Rochie Farkash, Co-Director, Eastside Torah Center, Washington

I recommended Tyger to some very close friends when they needed a new perspective to help deal with challenging life situations. Each of them have been astounded at her awareness, knowledge and understanding. Transformations were made based on her advice. She is incredibly accurate and her readings give you the tools and insight to make the necessary changes. Tyger is blessed with a remarkable gift.

— Evan Macdonald, Proprietor of Independent School, London

I always tell people that Tyger Kahn is clairvoyant, but what they may not expect is that she is very much a life coach as well. Her insight is the key to amazing transformations in health, happiness, love and success. I believe that her information is the kick in the pants that most of us need to get started on a project or to create change in our lives. I am grateful that she shares her gift with the rest of us!

— Nicole Frantz, Sr Director of Creative Services, Capitol Music Group

Tyger is an accomplished clairvoyant who has advised and guided many well known celebrities and fortune 500 executives.

— Master Stephen Co, United States Pranic Healing Center


Tyger is too accurate. She just knows what is true and speaks it simply. She does not preach, she just sees and speaks. I don't try to figure out how she does it. I do try to accept it.

— Dan Lynch, Entrepreneur, Napa Valley

I first was introduced to Tyger six years ago when I was experiencing something new, and frankly incredible, for the first time. Since this moment I have had the great pleasure of continued enlightenment and spiritual experiences since. Tyger is a gentle and insightful soul in the body of a beautiful woman who brings light to all whose lives she touches. I have no hesitation recommending Tyger for any of her vast array of services.

— Johnna Hiatt, President/CEO, Travel & Entertainment

Being in the presence of Tyger, you realize you are meeting someone who is one of a kind. She has a tremendous gift of merging the spiritual realm with the physical/practical world.


She stands among the very few people who have the gift of being personal, spiritual, humorous, and inspiring, all in one. She is a talented guide and advisor of mind, body, spirit and personal growth.

— Adam Rinde, ND, Naturopathic Physician

For over 9 years Tyger has helped me make better decisions in my career and relationships, which I know have helped me avoid lots of unnecessary pain. In my darkest hours, she has given me the specific guidance I needed to move forward. Tyger has sometimes shared with me the truth that is hard to hear, but that is why I keep going back to her. Her truth telling has sped up many of my life lessons, and has led me closer to a life of joy.

— Mandy Pratt, California

My reading from Tyger Kahn put me on a different path in life and now I have inner peace, financial, material and spiritual prosperity and abundance.


Many people claim to be psychics and/or clairvoyants, but Tyger is one of the few who truly is. I owe my new life to Tyger, thanks Tyger for all you've done!

— T.R. Goodman, Owner, ProCamp Sports

Our Synogogue had the opportunity of hosting Tyger Kahn as a guest speaker. Our members found her unique life story interesting and inspirational. She presents with great energy & enthusiasm and is a pleasure to listen to. Her path and message of self-discovery serve as a guide on all journeys through life.

— Rabbi Barak Bar-Chaim, New Synogogue of Palm Beach, CA

When I met Tyger Kahn, I was partners in a production company, with someone that Tyger said I would no longer be partners with in the future. Tyger said that I was not living up to my potential and that she saw me producing projects that were of a much higher quality; projects that would have an impact on many people. Since that reading, my production company dissolved with that partner. I now have a series on the air, I am developing a feature film...and I am in talks to produce 3 one-act plays. ALL of my projects have significant social importance.

— H.S., Producer

Thank you, Tyger, for giving me the insight I needed to motivate. You were able to give me the focus and, more importantly the hope to make some much needed changes in my life.

Thank you.

— Jennifer Frantz, New York, NY

Tygers's advice was always clear and deliberate. She was a faithful advisor to Tibetan Healing Fund for 8 1/2 years; raising awareness of the issues facing the people of Tibet and raising money to build the first free-standing birth and health training center in Tibet.


As an Advisor to Tibetan Healing Fund, Tyger introduced hundreds to the organization and raised thousands of dollars for TIbet's birth and healing training center. Tyger was dead-on with her assessments, ideas and advice. As Executive Director I turned to Tyger for advice and help raising awareness and raising money for Tibetan Healing Fund.

— Jessica Ravets, Tibetan Healing Fund

Tyger has been able to advice me on many important career choices that to this day have shaped the person I have always aspired to become. Her guidance is concise and illuminating. Tyger is truly gifted and passionate about helping others, for that I am grateful.

— Taylor L., Bellevue, WA

I have truly been amazed working with Tyger, both on readings and in her Feng Shui. Having moved to LA recently, her help was critical to getting my new home in balance.

As far as the reading work, I have gone back over my notes from our various consultations and I am blown away by the accuracy and detail provided. I love working with Tyger and highly recommend her services.

— Elaine, Entertainment VP, Los Angeles, CA

I have been interested in "psychics" for about 40 years - ever since my first wife would occasionally have unexplained psychic visions. I have had maybe 50 psychic readings - trying to figure this all out. I was introduced to Tyger Kahn by my youngest daughter of all things! Over the past four years, I have had six readings from Tyger. Not only is Tyger a wonderful person, she is absolutely the most gifted psychic I have seen. The best of my past "readings" might have been 35% accurate - that is the best. I keep excellent notes on my readings, and I have carefully graded Tyger's results. She has been between 86% and 94% accurate on every single reading! I have pondered this difference, 35% for nearly 50 readings and 86% and above for Tyger. Tyger is an exceptionally gifted clairvoyant.

— David McDonald, President of the McDonald Group, LLC, Author of "Saving America's Cities"

I can truly attest to one of her readings resulting in a major gas leak being discovered and verified by the gas company. Without such information our family would have been exposed to either an esplosion or gas poisoning as per the service man who came to investigate the problem and who was shocked by the exteme condition the problem could have caused. I will continue to retain Ms. Kahn for future readings and highly recommend her to anyone who is considering her services.

I have utilized Ms. Kahn's services for the last 8 years. Her accuracy into unforseen situation, events and life changing cycles is phenomenal. She has a tremendous capacity for business and I now use her readings for corporate dealings and major business decisions because of the reliability of the information and consistency of her predictions. She is in tune with the financial and economic environment both nationally and internationally which is unusual for someone with her talents and abilities.

— Valerie Anderson, Corporate Executive

Tyger Kahn has accurately predicted that I would have children before 2014. She made this prediction in April 2012. At the time, my wife was beginning T.B. treatment and was to continue the treatment throughout September/October of that year. Numerous doctors told us not to conceive during this time period or two months after treatment. I thought that the conception would have to be quick. In the end, my wife delivered our baby in October 2013. My relationship with my wife is also at a higher level than it was when Tyger's prediction was first made. Lastly, I must also add that Tyger is a good listener.

— Georgekutty Thomas Vandakkel, Educator, Qatar

Tyger Kahn has an amazing gift to share - No words can just have to experience! She has led me on the right path...many times!

— Lori Ovitz, Author of "Facing the Mirror and Cancer"

If you wish to know yourself more intensely and are truly seeking spiritual advice to help guide you toward your dreams, Tyger can help you to align yourself with your pathway to enlightenment. Since meeting Tyger, I have been promoted at work with a substantial pay increase. I have attracted soul companions at work who harmonize with me daily. I have also harmonized with my neighbors and others with both confidence and ease.

— Sean Klones, Kirkland, WA

Tyger's clairvoyance is truly amazing! Her accurate and humble way of expressing the information is so helpful! Tyger sheds light where I have questions, brings up points that I hadn't though about, and puts them in a way that encourages me to take action. She saw my move to London from LA and the exact month I would be going. With that, I was able to plan and be ready for the transfer. At times you're kind of like, 'Oh my gosh! Am I that transparent?!' But then you realize, 'No...she is just that higher clairvoyant!'

— Samantha, London England

I had been to psychics in the past who never really told me anything extraordinary but right away, Tyger told me I was going to a Film Festival in France and would be given money! Within 7 months, I had a short film, was personally invited to the Avignon Film Festival, in France and won the most coveted prize of the festival! In addition, they gave me money and paid for my trip! It was incredible.

The experiences I've had with Tyger are not only extraordinary, they have opened my brain to a whole new way of looking at the world. I am forever grateful for Tyger.

— Pamela Dresser, Santa Monica, CA

We had the opportunity to host Tyger as a guest speaker. The story of her life journey was riveting and moving. She inspires her listeners in a meaningful way to get in touch with their intuition, bring forth their inner strengths, and connect with their true selves.

— Nechama Farkash, Director of Chabad of the Central Cascades, WA

Tyger was absolutely right about a big shake up at my company...We hired a new vice president and CEO and learned the President who has been with our company forever will be leaving with no explanation.

She also accurately predicted that my thyroid was slow. After going to the doctor he was able to confirm her prediction and put me on medication. I'm happy to say I feel much better now.

— Linda, California

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