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Your Future is Dynamic

Most of us stumble through life, stuck in patterns. When we are headed in a direction that will seriously hinder our destiny, the Creator will set circumstances in motion to help align us back to our path. Sometimes these events are shattering and painful. It may take years before the gifts from such events are revealed. Since we have been given free will, we can also choose the path we walk on.

But what path do you walk? How do you choose?


  • Relationship compatibility 

  • Financial forecasting

  • Medical intuitive evaluation

  • Training to develop and activate your intuition

  • Life coaching

  • Anything else that is limiting your potential

Each session is 60 minutes and via phone only.

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After your request to book a session with Tyger is scheduled you must  prepay in order to confirm your consultation. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, and PayPal payments ​are accepted.


Sessions are conducted via phone only and are confidential. 

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Cancellation Policy

You will be responsible for payment in full for any appointment cancelled less than 24 hours in advance. However, due to the nature of the work, occassions may arise that require Tyger to reschedule an appointment. This is done to ensure that you will have the most accurate consultation possible.


Every effort will be made to keep appointments as scheduled; otherwise, they will be promptly rescheduled.


Each action you take brings you further or closer to developing your skills and abilities to their fullest potential. Discover who you are, your souls purpose and what you're capable of with Tyger's Life Guidance Sessions. These are three (3) sessions scheduled within a four (4) month time frame to keep you on track. Each session is 60 minutes. 

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