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Intuition Versus Instinct: Unveiling the Power Within Us

In a profound workshop I held in Seattle several years ago, we embarked on an exploration deep into our inner landscapes—the silent but immensely powerful realms of intuition and instinct. Our session was not just theoretical; it involved vivid, practical exercises that uncovered the mysterious capabilities inherent in each of us. Today, I want to share these insights, emphasizing not only the difference between intuition and instinct but also demonstrating the true power of our intuitive connections.

The Enlightening Discovery of Intuitive Abilities Among Strangers

Participants were organized into groups, each person stepping into the roles of an accessor, a subject, or a note-taker. As the exercise unfolded, something extraordinary happened. Without prior acquaintance, accessors began to disclose remarkably accurate and personal details about their subjects. These revelations, which could only be accessed through a finely tuned sixth sense, left us all in awe. It was a clear demonstration of our natural intuitive abilities and the profound connections that exist between us, unseen yet profoundly impactful.

Understanding Intuition vs. Instinct

This experience brings us to a deeper understanding of the fundamental differences between intuition and instinct. Instinct is our primal response, driven by immediate needs and emotions, leading us towards quick, often subconscious decisions. Intuition, on the other hand, transcends our logical processes. It is a higher vibration that emanates from the soul, guiding us through subtle whispers that might not immediately make sense but often lead to profound truths.

Cultivating Our Intuitive Nature

To truly harness our intuition, we must first create an environment within ourselves that fosters this gentle inner voice. This begins with recognizing and mitigating our triggers—those reactions that sink us into the lower frequencies of our instincts. We practiced giving in the workshop—sharing insights and feedback—which demonstrated how generosity opens our spiritual channels, allowing us to receive and interpret intuitive insights more clearly.

Practical Steps to Elevate Your Inner Voice

Further cultivating our intuition involves daily practices of quieting the mind through meditation, prayer, or simply sitting in silence. During the workshop, we engaged in exercises that encouraged speaking to our higher selves and asking for guidance, like reciting Psalm 27 for forty days. Such practices not only enhance our ability to connect with our intuition but also empower us to act on this guidance without hesitation.

The Transformative Power of Intuitive Living

Our workshop's profound outcomes illustrate that intuition is a gift we all possess; it is simply a matter of development and trust. By choosing to nurture this incredible inner resource, decisions become clearer, relationships deepen, and challenges are navigated with greater ease and insight. Remember, every day, our actions are guided by this silent inner dialogue, leading us to our fate—the ability to pick up signals along the way is imperative to thrive.

As you integrate these insights and practices into your life, may you find your path illuminated by the profound power of your intuition, connecting you deeper to the truths of your soul and the universe.

With light and love,



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