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It has been said that each of the letters of the Torah has some corresponding soul.

"That is to say, every soul is a letter in the Torah and has its own part to play.”

–Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the joy of seeing the final letter written into a new sefer torah (picture above: completing the last letter of the new sefer Torah at Eastside Torah Center) I could not help but marvel, as the ink was drying, a soul was being born. Over the years, my intention has been to help you become cognizant of your true potential .which connects to your purpose in this world. This is not an easy task, one I could not do without connecting to the source from which my strength derives from.

You can do the same, check in with Heaven, right now. G-d speaks all languages.

It is with great honor to have received the following endorsement:

I met Tyger four years ago after the birth of my seventh child. I was immediately struck by her deep intuition and kindness. She was able to reassure me on a number of concerns and what she said did come to fruition. Most important, though, is her upbeat and confident personality. Tyger has genuine concern for the events and people around her. She believes in prayer and turning to G-d on a daily basis for strength and a positive outlook. I treasure my friendship with Tyger and really learn from her desire to help people however she can. Anyone who has Tyger in their life will only benefit.

- Rochie Farkash, Co-Director, Eastside Torah of Bellevue, Washington

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