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What's more important than knowing your future?

I wrote in my book, Intuition: Language of the Soul, that our future is not set in stone and that we have more than one. Why? Because our actions and our free will enable us to make decisions that place us on different paths. Thus, the future isn’t as predictable as some would believe. When I work with clients, it is their energy and aura that I can tap into helping them see the current path they are on, if that path doesn’t serve them, we work toward taking positive action to redirect their energy and change their future.

When the soul incarnates into human form, it does so with the understanding that it is here with a very specific mission and purpose that only that soul can accomplish. Like a fingerprint, everyone’s soul objective is unique to them. That said, there are universal ways our soul can grow and elevate for the highest good.

1. Repairing our relationship with the Creator 2. Repairing our relationship with others 3. Repairing our relationship with ourselves

Whatever relationship we are working to improve, there is no easy remedy and will take work. However, I encourage you to stick with it, the end result is worth it and will not only inspire you, but will spread like a contagion to inspire others as well.

"More important than knowing the future

is to build a better one."

Tyger’s Tips For Strengthening Our Three Key Relationships:

1. Connect with our Creator and study higher teachings including the Torah and other sacred texts while refining our desires toward the highest good.

2. Connect with others through active participation in their lives being a source of support and love through both times of strength and challenge.

3. Connect with yourself by caring for your physical body and mind with wholesome substances and avoiding harmful ones.

I want to stress this last point. If our soul is to evolve into its highest form it is paramount that we nurture our relationship with others. We have been duped into thinking—under the guise of self improvement —that being independent and to do as we please as long as it feels good is an enlightened way to live, however that can actually prove to be extremely self destructive if not in proper balance. There are rhythms to follow if we are going to remain healthy not just physically but spiritually and mentally.

We are in this together! I look forward to working with you.

Tyger Kahn

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