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How to keep your Light on the three things you can do now.

Keeping the light on when the darkness surrounds us is a difficult but necessary choice if we are to succeed.

Even in the most trying of circumstances if we master the following change will occur in ways we never dreamed of.

So what do we do ?

Number one hold back your anger

No matter how justified the emotion of anger will open you to the forces of negativity that will make the situation worse.

Remain calm and your enemy will weaken

This enables one to elevate to higher frequencies required to connect with wisdom instead of fear.

Two remove yourself from the surroundings even temporarily,If unable smile no matter what and say a prayer silently . I recommend Psalm 27.

Three collect yourself breathe and listen to a favorite piece of music to place you in the now of JOY.

Lastly, know that life is not static circumstances will change, and taking these three actions will strengthen your entire being and connect you to the Source ,which creates salvation.

Love ,



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