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Dear Friends,

What is a sacred space? Do we have to travel far and wide to go to one? Or, have the location in question “Feng Shuied”? Can the office be a sacred space? The mall? The gym? The freeway? The bathroom? What about the area where we put our trash?

We should be asking ourselves a different question. What isn’t sacred?

Everything in creation derives from the Divine Source. When we recognize this, we see that even the lowliest bodily function is Holy and to be treated with respect. That which holds sacred to one person might not carry the same weight for another.

There is one universal exception. Life is sacred.

Kabbalah tells us that G-d created Adam from the dust of all four corners of the earth. This was done in order to instill in each of us that despite our differences we derive from the same Divine source.

Ancient sages explain that natural disasters occur not necessarily in the same location they took place, but from an accumulation of humanity’s negative actions. For instance, rage in the south can manifest a destructive situation in the west. In the same manner, an act of compassion in the east can neutralize potential judgements in the north. Every one of our deeds, no matter how seemingly insignificant, are key to the welfare of our planet. Individually WE CAN help restore balance and equanimity, or the opposite. Every moment is a choice.


Many people that come to my home ask about the cylinder shaped metal cases on the right side of my doorways. I explain it is the Mezuzah, an ancient Jewish ritual of mindfulness. The Mezuzah holds a scroll of parchment which contains a declaration of the oneness of Creation. The mezuzah can easily be seen upon entering or exiting. This is to serve as a reminder to behave in a conscious manner not only in our homes, but as we move through daily life. Imagine if every structure – whether home, business, or place of education had a visible reminder of this declaration.

- We are all G-d's children

- A sacred space begins with a though, followed about by an action, which is motivated from the heart

All life is sacred.

Tyger Kahn


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